Friday, 17 June 2011

courses/workshops etc.....

Huh...talking about workshops, courses etc....yes very common to adults, ...but how's  about kids......yes...currently yes..why???because their parents want the best for them including me...ha..ha pity on the young age need to face all this for the sake of their parents.....and of coz for their own benefits soon.
so today my eldest kids are attending Workshops on EZMath....sounds nice ha! yup since he's really excited about this...both of us agreed to try it..hopefully its worthy. well we'll see the result for the whole day i'll stay here at UM. ...UM library... looking for something interesting regarding my research.. just to make the whole day less something rather than do nothing...

Friday, 15 April 2011

Find your strength

Dedicated to all Phd candidates..................

A PhD should build on your strengths. What are your particular, special advantages in terms
of qualifications, specialization, previous research experience, language and culture coverage
... ? These help to make you and your candidature special.
It IS possible to tackle a PhD in an area which is new for you. But this may make it
harder to find funding, a scholarship, and a supervisor who will give you the benefit of the
doubt on whether you are ready to undertake the research. If you want your PhD to launch
you in a new direction, don't try to start off in completely new territory: you probably won't
be accepted by a department or supervisor, since you won't have shown that you have the
training or performance in this new field.
It is also possible to undertake research in interdisciplinary fields. Some domains,
including a lot of applied domains, are inherently interdisciplinary. This means multiple
literatures, multiple methodologies, multiple theories and models, and possibly extended data
domains. Such work is challenging, exciting, but often tougher than more easily defined

Source: UKM Library Portal

Thursday, 31 March 2011

Proposal defend

Next week would be a thrilling week for me. I have been informed  that the presentation of the proposal will be made next week. It was really thrilling and trembling.  It would be my first time in my life to make such formal presentation in English. I haven’t done this before……..Reminding all that makes me a little worried.

I just hope Allah will grant me the strength and spirit and let me present the best and use my fullest strength. Hopefully, what  I’m going to present will be accepted and given a reprimand which is useful to improve my research then.

Sunday, 6 March 2011

not enough time to manage this one
my others..........

Wednesday, 9 February 2011

story from Egypt

*just copy and paste from one yahoogroup to share with everybody out there.

From: Hadil El-Khouly <hadil.elkhouly@>
Date: Mon, Feb 7, 2011 at 6:17 PM
Subject: [vpmcentral] Update 2 from Egypt

Dear Friends,

Yesterday I went to Tahrir square with my whole family, Mom, dad and my two
younger sisters.
As we approached the square we watched thousands marching towards the
square, many of whom carried bags with food for protesters.We got down and
marched with them till we reached a long queue of people who were getting
inspected by regular youth before entering the square, to make sure no
weapons or any harmful material. The military was there as well and checked
our ID's.

That day in Tahrir we numbered to at least 2 Million. Just observing the
scene there seemed as if everyone had an unspoken determination to resist
Mubarak's" divide and conquer" strategy.
Sunday was announced as the day of "martyrs" in commemoration of all the
protesters who fell since the start of the revolution.
We witnessed the Sunday Coptic Mass and the Muslim Prayer, with both Father
and Sheikh sending prayers of blessings for the people's uprising, and
people marching and chanting with the Cross and the Qur'an.
Women and girls were hand in hand with men and boys who volunteered to clean
up the square and run the field hospital.

Perhaps one of the most telling scenes was the marriage ceremony ( niqah) in
the middle of the square between two people who allegedly met during the
protests. The whole crowd joined in prayers for them. When the new bride
spoke she said: "This square has turned into my home and all of you became
my family, I will not find a people more precious than all of you to share
my marriage happiness with than you".

I never felt safer in a crowd of 2 Million people in my life than
yesterday.Sexual harrassment turned sadly into a reality that accompanied
any public gathering in Egypt. This is the same Egypt where today I could
stand alone in the middle of a crowd with men passing behind and in front of
me without having the slightest fear and not even a single gaze
or inappropriate remark.
A young man who accidentally was pushed slightly against my sister turned
around and was extremely apologetic. When a group of us young women stood
together ,young men gradually started forming a chain around us to protect
us, as the masses of people increased.

Abdel-Halim Kandil, a famous political activist and coordinator of the
Kefaya political pro-democracy movement, spoke to the crowds yesterday about
the process of change, and that as we demand the change of the system we
must change as well.
This change is already happening... .

As I'm writing you this update, one of the Satellite TV channels is now
posting the picture one by one of each martyrer who were killed in cold
blood by the regime of Mubarak,most of them 16 and 17 year old, the youngest
being killed is a 10 year old boy with two bullets in his body.Rest in piece
my brothers and sisters...


fighting to ourselve

Sometimes we think of all the things we want to do ... but do we can. For instance, as a wife we  want to be a good wife .. a great mother .. ... an excellent student and most importantly a loyal servant to his Lord (ALLAH). Can I. Ooo I'm not sure if I could .. but I was doing it all.  

Indeed we are sometimes very difficult to accept the fact that we have done the best for ourselves. We are just complacent in thinking the thing to do, and we have not always thought that we were  great for us. This feeling is known as a feeling in order to fight with themselves. To get significant success in fighting with yourself is the greatest success against the success of the fight with the other. When we were successful in convincing ourselves that we were great for us, it is a significant success and not be questioned again. It doesn't mean that we are already  pleased with our self but it shows that we have a strong identity,  a great self esteem. Thus the success and victory in battle against oneself is a significant step for other ongoing successes.  

Monday, 7 February 2011

step to know ur interest and passion

1.       Since i got this...forgot where...just re write it ..hopefully it would benefit me one day.
Read at least 3 book in your interest or the book the most you like and finish it in a week
2.       The step how to know your interest and passion
a.       What do you like most
b.      What kind of your readings book
c.       Ask your family or friends about you in your younger time
d.      If you are reading newspaper, which part you tend to focus more
e.      If you go to somewhere which place you like most
f.        If you have money what is your interest to do first