Friday, 15 April 2011

Find your strength

Dedicated to all Phd candidates..................

A PhD should build on your strengths. What are your particular, special advantages in terms
of qualifications, specialization, previous research experience, language and culture coverage
... ? These help to make you and your candidature special.
It IS possible to tackle a PhD in an area which is new for you. But this may make it
harder to find funding, a scholarship, and a supervisor who will give you the benefit of the
doubt on whether you are ready to undertake the research. If you want your PhD to launch
you in a new direction, don't try to start off in completely new territory: you probably won't
be accepted by a department or supervisor, since you won't have shown that you have the
training or performance in this new field.
It is also possible to undertake research in interdisciplinary fields. Some domains,
including a lot of applied domains, are inherently interdisciplinary. This means multiple
literatures, multiple methodologies, multiple theories and models, and possibly extended data
domains. Such work is challenging, exciting, but often tougher than more easily defined

Source: UKM Library Portal

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