Wednesday, 9 February 2011

fighting to ourselve

Sometimes we think of all the things we want to do ... but do we can. For instance, as a wife we  want to be a good wife .. a great mother .. ... an excellent student and most importantly a loyal servant to his Lord (ALLAH). Can I. Ooo I'm not sure if I could .. but I was doing it all.  

Indeed we are sometimes very difficult to accept the fact that we have done the best for ourselves. We are just complacent in thinking the thing to do, and we have not always thought that we were  great for us. This feeling is known as a feeling in order to fight with themselves. To get significant success in fighting with yourself is the greatest success against the success of the fight with the other. When we were successful in convincing ourselves that we were great for us, it is a significant success and not be questioned again. It doesn't mean that we are already  pleased with our self but it shows that we have a strong identity,  a great self esteem. Thus the success and victory in battle against oneself is a significant step for other ongoing successes.  

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